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Joan Reid lives in London, England. She is both a microbiologist and a sexual health promotional speaker. This makes her uniquely qualified to discuss all things relating to science and the body. The book was originally given to her daughter Taymah, as a gift to help her make an easier transition from that of a child to becoming a confident young woman. Joan had found it difficult to locate a book that gave a no holds barred approach regarding what a girl would experience when she entered puberty. She wanted to answer the questions

that so many girls ask, but for the most part have to fumble alone without really understanding how their body’s work. Why are these changes necessary for a girl’s development? Is a typical question that Joan herself asked? In addition she wanted to give her daughter tips and advice to overcome the obstacles that she would undoubtedly face as she grew up.

After reading the book, her daughter challenged her to publish it, and so “Girls it’s Time for a Change” came into being. Joan wishes that girls around the world will use her book, to prepare themselves for all that puberty and their period will bring. Understanding that the change in mind and body are a necessary part of growing up, and hopes that “Girls it’s Time for a Change” will help the reader fully appreciate and love what being a woman is all about.