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The Girls Guide to Puberty

Girls It’s Time For a Change is an incredible resource for girls entering puberty and starting their periods. Whether you’ve already begun your period, or are impatiently waiting, every question they you could possibly have is answered with great care and warmth by author Joan Reid.
Chock-full of information and covering a multitude of topics, this book is a lifesaver for parents, caregivers and prepubescent daughters. Let’s face it. Menstruation is a touchy subject, yet something that cannot be avoided. While one child may be anxiously waiting for the day she starts, another may be full of trepidation, and fearful of the changes to come. No worries. The answers are here.
Inside you’ll find chapters that cover:
  • The reality
  • Developmental changes
  • Personal hygiene
  • What to wear
  • Who to talk to
  • Tips on which sanitary products to use
  • And so much more
Menstruation is a multi-faceted condition, with symptoms ranging from irritability and discomfort to mood swings and migraine. You don’t have to face it alone. Not only does the book’s content address the emotional aspects of a girl’s period, it comes complete with diagrams and full-colour graphics to clearly explain the physical transformation.
Girls It’s Time For a Change The girls guide to puberty is a book every girl needs to have in her library. In addition, it includes a Period Planning Calendar and a Diary for keeping track of your feelings throughout the month

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